Things To Do in Phuket With Children

Phuket offers a wide range of activities for the whole family to get involved in. The island boasts vast, secluded sandy beaches and world-class nightlife but there are also dozens of family-friendly attractions, activities and restaurants which will keep you coming back again and again.

Elephant Trekking

This has become one of the most popular activities on the island. The tropical rainforest of Phuket is a dense and enchanting area which there is no better way to explore than from an elephant. On top of one of these gentle giants, you have a hugely elevated view – providing a unique perspective on the vast, intriguing jungle.

Splash Jungle Water Park

Right next to the airport, Splash Jungle Water Park is situated at the north of the island and is minutes from the beach. Although great fun, water parks are often over-crowded and queues can put a dampener on the day. At Splash Jungle not only are the rides incredible but you will only ever have two or three people ahead of you. The park features a 335-metre long ride and plenty of tubes, drops and splash pools. Although this is a very family-friendly activity, height restrictions do apply.

Mini Golf at Dino Park

If there’s one thing kids love it’s dinosaurs. If there’s one thing everyone loves it’s mini golf. A fun activity in a cool, alternative setting this is the perfect day out to enjoy with your family. Far more than just decoration, the dinosaurs move, there are lighting and sound effects and even a volcano which erupts with smoke and flames.

Phuket Aquarium

Playing host to a dazzling array of exotic sea creatures, Phuket Aquarium is a favourite for families. It features a tunnel which goes through a large tank, giving you an all-round view of the fish, including snappers, rays and sharks, as they glide straight past you. There are more than 30 tanks and educational signs are written in English as well as Thai.

Phuket Bird Park

A sure sign you’re in a tropical paradise is beautiful birds. And you won’t find birds as beautiful or in so greater number as you will in Phuket Bird Park. The picturesque park is set on a hillside and features African crowned cranes, Nicobar pigeons, Siamese pheasants and even ostriches and emus. There are also three cafes, a souvenir shop and lots of cool, shady corners from which to appreciate the beauty of the park.

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