Low Season in Phuket

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear the words ‘low season in Thailand’, is torrential rain and stormy weather. The amusing thing about this stereotypical weather prediction for this part of the world is the fact that tourists who have never experienced this season are the ones spreading these rumours around! Locals in Phuket will agree that there is rain in comparison to the non-existent rain in the middle of the high season, but we have for example experienced more rain in April than July in the past.

During the low season also known as the green season (which is May to October) there will be showers. However, did anyone tell you that it will still be hot and sunny most of the days? Although you could be unlucky and experience some full days of heavy rain, it is usually a matter of heavy downpours for a couple of hours which eventually turns into bright sunshine. If you are looking for a pure tanning holiday, the high season may be a slightly better season for you, but if you want to pay the fraction of the price for accommodation and don’t mind having one or two museum or shopping days, the green season will be just as pleasurable. There are fewer tourists during the green season too, which means you get a true Thai experience rather than what will feel like a trip to your home country with a different backdrop.

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There are lots of fun activities to accommodate if you do experience some rainy days and they are sure to keep you entertained for the duration of rain. If you are imagining it will rain like it does in Europe – you’re very wrong. When it rains in Phuket, we often feel a sense of relief as we can cool off in the showers! The temperatures don’t drop much throughout the year, meaning that you can wear shorts and a t-shirt every day. This means less to pack in the suitcase and more can be bought during those shopping trips!

One downside to the low season is the danger of the rip currents (if you don’t know how to spot or deal with them.) Here are a couple of videos explaining exactly how to react if you encounter a rip current while swimming –


Please be very aware of the signs on the beaches and never swim if there are warning signs up!

On a more positive note, the pools are still 100% usable and have no currents to be worried about. Whether you are staying in a hotel, serviced apartment, villa or resort you are likely to have a communal pool available which is perfect for cooling off! Sunbathe on the beach and dip your feet in the sea by all means, but we recommend leaving the swimming to the pool to be on the safe side.

Another very positive thing about the low season, and the reason it is also known as the green season, is of course due to the fact that the island transforms into a tropical island with lots of greenery around due to the rainfall. This makes for a perfect photography opportunity. Capturing the stunning greens with the contrast to the beaches and dull roads, will result in some truly incredible high contrast shots! You can also go on some jungle adventures with a guide if you are feeling adventurous.

If you are planning to explore the island during your visit, we strongly recommend you go and see all the wonderful Phuket attractions, have a meal or a drink in Patong, check all the best beaches out (you don’t have to swim to admire their beauty!) and have some fun in Phuket.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the sunsets! The sunsets and rainbows that you will experience during these months are even more incredible than the ones you see in the high season and even the thunderstorms are something else.


The rainiest months in Phuket are usually May, September and October, but this can vary with sudden rainfall in the high season too! If you want to experience the green season, yet have mainly dry weather; June, July and August will be great for you. Don’t miss out on this wonderful island simply because you have heard a few tales from the wrong source – make your own mind up about low season in Phuket!

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We hope that this has given you a better understanding of what the low season aka the green season in Phuket is like. If you would like to hear more from us, please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

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